Little Art Reimagined

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Transforming your child's imagination into timeless, contemporary artworks, we specialize in revitalizing overlooked pieces into cherished masterpieces.


From Overlooked Gems to Extraordinary Art

At Little Art Reimagined, we specialize in harnessing the limitless creativity of your children and transforming it into contemporary artworks designed to be cherished across generations. Our expertise lies in revitalizing overlooked children's artwork, those pieces often discarded, into exceptional masterpieces imbued with a modern aesthetic. Trust us with these hidden treasures that may not all find a place on your refrigerator.

With meticulous care, we honor the original passion behind your child's creation, using various mediums and sealing them with resin to ensure longevity. These artworks are meant to be proudly showcased and cherished for years to come, whether gracing your home, office, or your child's living space, adding a personalized and stylish touch.

Join us on a creative journey to craft bespoke, modern artworks that will hold a special place in your loved ones' hearts. Reach out to us today to bring these invaluable creations to life, capturing their essence authentically. Our streamlined process enables you to effortlessly create thoughtful gifts for your family, friends, or to enhance your child's environment with continuous inspiration. Discover the perfect custom art for your space, with options tailored to suit every budget.

The Process


Collaborate with us to ship your mini Picasso's masterpieces our way. We're seeking 10-20 pages, adjusted for scale.


Typically, our process works its magic in 5-8 weeks. For expedited service, please email us to discuss possibilities!


Once we're finished, we'll collaborate with you to deliver a modern art piece that will be cherished for generations to come.

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Behind Little Art Reimagined

Tapping into the wild creativity of your kiddos, my designs preserve their brilliance in timeless ways that will last generations. As a mom of two, I understand the sentiment of holding onto every precious piece until space runs out. Watching my kids' artwork get lost or trashed broke my heart. That's when the lightbulb went off, and I transformed my daughter's art in my studio. And ta-da! Little Art Reimagined was born, turning childhood creativity into modern, fun pieces.

Little Art Reimagined

Seattle, WA